VOLVO Prosis Offline 2018.1 Activators



VOLVO Prosis offline 2018.1 activation files ONLY, no Software or DVDs!

This activation files set with instructions will fully unlock Prosis offline 2018.1
Parts, service and diagnostics will work.

No installation DVDs are provided as it is freely available on the internet and you can download it from a various servers including torrent sites.

Please note, VOLVO Prosis Offline 2018.1 requires a powerful pc with good clean windows. If windows operating system is corrupted, wrongly configured or you don’t have enough memory, you will get errors. Installed latest net framework is recommended.

Common error: Could not connect to net.tcp://localhost:7311/UpTime/UpTimeApplication/ProsisService/.
The connection attempt lasted for a time span of 00:00:02.0033691. TCP error code 10061:
No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it

Possible fix: Go to “Computer Management” –> “Services ans Applications” —> “Services”
Scroll down and “START” the “Net.Tcp Listener Adapter” Service
Then try to start again the Prosis!

We will take no responsibility for any software run errors, we provide activation files only!


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