TecDoc 2019Q1 Multilingual



TecDoc 2019Q1 Multilingual Spare Parts Catalog. Full Native (ISO) installation and Virtualbox image.

It will work in constant trial version and will never expire. To use the image just install Virtualbox software and its extension pack, load the image and that’s it! Native (ISO) installation will take a few hours, time extension fix is included.  How to use it for unlimited time instructions are also included.

Language can be changed in the settings and the image can be used from an external drive.

56gb in size uncompressed and 41gb compressed with 7-zip. File is split in to 8  4.5gb parts. You will need to download all parts, place it to a single folder and extract using 7-zip, than load the image.

Minimum Requirements:
For Virtualbox image: Windows, Linux, MAC with 60gb of free hdd space and 1.5gb of ram
For native installation (iso): Win7, 8 or 10, 60gb of free hdd space and 1.5gb of ram

Native installation for some maybe difficult, so to avoid all the hassle the Virtualbox image was created. No more installation or software expire problems. Just keep an original files safe in case image gets corrupted and load it again.

In case of download problem, please contact support.




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