Odis Remote Installation Service



Remote installation for a single Odis product service

Many customers are asking for a remote Odis installation assistance.
Some do not know how to install it, others have no time to do it them self.

This service will cover a single Odis-S or Odis-E installation only, no configuration!

Before buying this service make sure the software is downloaded, extracted and is ready for installation.
Your pc has to be in good working order with all additional windows software installed. If your pc has some issues and Odis can not be installed, the service will be postponed till your pc is fixed and without a refund. If you do not agree with these terms, do not buy it.

If you have any questions regarding this service, please contact support first.

We use Ultraviewer (free) remote desktop software as it does not limit session time.
Please remember, we are based in Europe and time has to be agreed on accordingly!

Make sure Java, ISO mounting software and 7-zip are installed!

When contacting, write the time when you want the remote session to start. Do not send your remote login straight away as you may wait for a long time for a response.



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Please note
Support is offline on Sundays

Please enter a valid email address for your order with download information to be send to it. If not received, you may have to check your spam folder. Use latest winrar or 7-zip for file extraction. Dismiss