JLR IDS SDD v157.2 Patch Activator for 32/64 bit Windows




JLR IDS /SDD Patch Activator for 32/64 bit windows 7,8,10, will work with v156 – v157.* and newer versions

Download v157 full first and install, then download and install 157.1 and so on till you finish installing all updates.
Run the path and wait for “OK” message, start the software and continue with your registration (any).
When asked, enter provided login.
You need to run the patch only once and the software will be activated for good.
Installation may take up to 4 hours, net-framework 4.6.1 must be installed

Installation software is included, but it can be downloaded for free from the official dealer server HERE

If your pc was modified and date or time was changed at some moment, you may get this error.
It is recommended to install the software on a clean pc, where is no software with time modification. If you have any software or virtual image installed where time or date modification is present you may/will get this error. Software’s security checks if pc was tempered with the time settings and if it was, software will stop working.

If you get this error, that means your operating system was tempered with and no refund will be issued!


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