Carly for BMW PRO v28.26 06.2018



 Carly for BMW Pro 28.26 Full App For Android OS

Year/Release Date: 06.2018

Version: 28.26 PRO

Requirements: Android OS 4.2 an above

Fix for unlimited time use is included

If your Android device is rooted, you will get an extra “in app purchases” unlocked (advanced coding). Otherwise software will be working just like in the video overview. 

Will work with Inpa cable, Elm327 (only OBD2 protocol) and Carly adapter

Carly for BMW is the most powerful tool for mobile devices that is able to work with BMW cars since 1994. Use the maximum capabilities of your BMW with the features of this application.

To connect you need OBD-II Bluetooth adapter. Works with usb to k-dcan cable (example Chinese from Inpa) / Inpa / Elm327 adapter (only OBD2 protocol) / Original Carly For BMW Bluetooth GEN 2 OBD Adapter.

Actually the program is able to receive all the information on the interface OBD2.Actually the program is able to receive all the information on the interface OBD2.

Carly 27.70 for BMW Pro Full version! All unlocked, including battery and stuff.

★ DIAGNOSTICS: perform a full check of your vehicle’s electronic systems

★ CODING: get access to the hidden features of your BMW!

★ PARAMETERS: analyze the parameters of your engine like a real professional!

★ CHECK BATTERY: replace battery and register Your car yourself!

★ SERVICE INTERVAL RESET: be independent from your workshop!

★ SOOT FILTER: Turn on the regeneration of the soot filter with a single tap!

The use of these functions costs BMW owners hundreds of euros when visiting the car service. Carly for BMW provides a level of quality comparable to the factory one, is very easy to use and costs significantly less. All features of the app are constantly updated and improved.

Ordinary OBD-testers are not able to read all the information and error codes from the ECU of the car. Carly for BMW allows you to access information from almost every possible ECU without the use of expensive equipment.

These models support the use of diagnostics, parameter mapping, and encoding.

★ 1 series: all models

★ 2 series: all models

★ 3 series: all models

★ 4 series: all models

★ 5 series: all models

★ 6 series: all models

★ 7 series: all models

★ X1, X3, X4, X5, X6: All models

★ Z3, Z4: All models

★MINI R55, R56, R58, R59, R60, R61.




Quick overview video of older version with Inpa cable

Coding video


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