Bosch ESI Tronic 2016q1 With C and K&W DVDs



Bosch ESI Tronic 2016q1

This archive contains 13 dvds (ISO), universal key generator and alternative video guide.

Added missing DVDs
BOSCH_ESI_DVD_C  (2.6gb)
BOSCH_ESI_DVD_K&W  (2.9gb)

BOCOSU_20150715  (870mb)
ESI_B1_161  (7.3gb)
ESI_B2_161  (1.2gb)
ESI_B3_161  (7.6gb)
ESI20_2016-1_A1  (7.65gb)
ESI20_2016-1_A2  (1.4gb)
ESI20_2016-1_A3  (7.7gb)
ESI20_2016-1_A4  (2.3gb)
ESI20_2016-1_A5 is missing
FSA 7xx 5.80  (6.9gb)
KTS200_2016-1  (3.1gb)
TestData2015B  (550mb)

It will not work with any KTS!
The last working version for KTS was 2013.3


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