Q: I have installed ODIS and I can not install postsetup as I get an error called ODS9029E Infrastructure. VW online connection.Mirror server 2: Error during postsetup product Off board Diagnostic Information System Service.
No component was found?
A: During any postsetup installation or updates to the  existing database, you need to run ODIS with ADMIN rights. Either that or you are pointing ODIS to the wrong location for updates.

Q: Download speed is slow or cuts down. What to do?
A: Lately we get heavy traffic and some time our server gets overloaded and even 500mbps speed line can’t help. Please download files one at a time. We do strongly recommend to use a download manager for better download experience. One of the easiest to use download manager is “Free Download Manager” and you can download it from this link https://www.freedownloadmanager.org/

Q: I don’t know how to install or use a software.
A: We do not teach how to install or use a software. Support can be provided only if software installation error occur!

Q: I don’t know how to open a file.
A: Please read about file extensions and how to open it here below:

Q: No response from support team. How to get help?
A: You have to provide your order number or paypal transaction id when contacting support. We do get a lot of fake customer support requests (50-80%), so if no order number or paypal transaction id is provided your email maybe be ignored.

Q: My archive is empty?
A: Archive may look empty, but it’s not. For security reasons some software is converted to ISO format and then it’s compressed. You have to extract the file first to see what kind of file it is. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_file_formats

Q: Download cuts down or fails. What to do?
A: When server gets overloaded, it may cut down some download to preserve the main traffic. If this happens, please wait for an hour or so and start downloading files again one by one. Also you can use a download manager, for automatic download resume and better speed. If you try to download more than 2 files at once, server should cut it down to prevent download abuse. We do recommend to download files one by one with download manager. One of the easiest to use download manager is “Free Download Manager” and you can download it from this link https://www.freedownloadmanager.org/

Q: I can’t download from external link?
A: New file sharing systems use FOLDER type system. You need to enter the folder to see the files which you need to download. If you try to download entire folder it will take a long time if files are not big and if the files are very large it will crash. The file system is just like any Windows based system, click on the folder to access it and click on the file or arrow to download it. If you get an error while accessing the links, please use different web browser.

Q: Antivirus is blocking activator or keygen?
A: Starting 01.2019 any modified software is blocked by antivirus as unwanted program or a virus. Even the one who was clear of any suspicion a year or two ago. Lately even some well known free software is being blocked as a virus and there is a high number of false positive virus detection. Any advanced firewall like Zone Alarm can block any virus activity.

Q: Compressed file is corrupt, what to do?
A: Update you existing winrar or 7-zip software to the latest version, clean your pc with Ccleaner (free). Also if there are parts of compressed archive you need to download it all, place it to a separate folder and then extract the first part (the rest will extract automatically).

Q: Virtualbox gives image loading error?
A: Take a close look at the error details, most of the time usb 2 or ram settings need to be lowered on the Virtualbox image. Make sure virtualbox extension pack is installed. Please read VB manual.

Q: How to load Virtualbox image?
A: Please read VB manual. https://www.virtualbox.org/manual/UserManual.html

Q: How to open an ISO file?
A: Use Daemon tools lite or Virtual Clone Drive (both free) software.

Q: How to extract compressed files?
A: Use Winrar, Winzip or 7-zip software.

Q: How to install software?
A: Carefully follow installation instructions provided in txt or pdf file if no video guide is present. Search in Google or YouTube for more information.

Q: Software or activator wont work, what to do?
A: Make sure you have Microsoft Net Framework 3.5 or higher, Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 or higher and Java installed on your pc.

Q: Provided download link doesn’t work, what to do ?
A: Contact website administrator through the contact form to get a new link.

Please note, non working links will be tested prior any action is made.
Fraudulent and extortionist behavior will be reported to PayPal and E-commerce community. If this happens, your ip address will be added to E-commerce community’s black list database and you won’t be able to shop on the internet anymore!

Q: I have encountered an error while making purchase without registration. Payment was made but can’t access any files?
A: Contact site administrator through the contact form with your order number and all bought links will be sent to your email.
This error may happen when your browser has collected to many cookies. Use Ccleaner (free) to clean all browsers collected junk and to keep your browsing faster and safer.

Q: Can you help me with software installation?
A: No, we can’t. It would be physically impossible to assist every customer as some software require 1 hour or way more for installation. Also the selling price would be four or five times higher just to keep the installation support staff. You can find people on the internet who would install any software through a Teamviewer for 5 or 10 dollars an hour.

Q: I need an extra information, where can I get it?
A: You can Google for it or if it’s your order related, ask us through the contact email and we’ll give an answer in here (FAQ).

Q: I can’t get it to work on windows 10
A: When you ask for an advise, please provide detailed information about the problem.
Windows 10 has complicated security features and some of it needs to be turned off for a specific software to work.

Q: I’m getting Vmware image error: The file specified is not a virtual disk?
A: Please read an article HERE about this problem.

Q: WOW or Delphi doesn’t work?
A: A lot of related information you can find HERE